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Welcome to the Hira Intensive

Within the past few years, numerous summer programs have popped up all over the country. From Arabic courses to classical Islamic studies, our community is striving to provide a variety of alternatives for American Muslims seeking traditional knowledge. Unlike any other program, HIRA was created entirely for you - the Youth. Come spend a few life-changing weeks with an array of scholars and other talented youth to build a stronger understanding of your religion and discover new skills to implement all that you have learned in your personal life and greater community.


Our program is fresh, challenging, and designed specifically for the 15-19 age group. Our four core classes are coupled with TED-style lectures, personal development, and leadership workshops. 


Nationally renowned scholars as full time teaching staff, along with a visiting lecture series with teachers, big thinkers, entrepreneurs, artists, and more.


Students also get excursions, outdoor experiences, and explorations into American Islamic heritage.


With a graduating class size of 40, students will be studying with, living with, playing with, and praying with each other, facilitated and guided by our team of handpicked mentors in addition to staff. The opportunity for building bonds has never been greater. Hira is a place to experience Ummah in its purest form.


Our program is backed by the Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA), the largest Muslim youth organization in the region, as well as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The Hira Intensive is part of MYNA's vision to create positive youth programming. "Empowered Youth, with Awakened Minds, Inspired Hearts, and Enlightened Actions."

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